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B-Series Print "Latex Hands" by Steve Diet Goedde


This print offering is part of a B-series which is perfect for those who want quality prints at affordable prices. These prints are signed but are not offered as limited editions, hence the cheaper price.

For INTERNATIONAL ORDERS, please email me at stevedg (at) gmail (dot) com to discuss shipping rates. The shipping costs are wildly different for each country so I can't add a simple 'international rate' on the shipping options below. Thanks!

"Latex Hands" has appeared in numerous books, magazines, and galleries.

The print is 8.5x11-inches and is printed on archival, acid-free, 100% cotton matte paper (natural white) with a weight of 210gsm. The abbreviated 'SDG' signature is written in lead on the bottom right of the image. A light imprint on the back of the print states that this is a B-Series print. The print does NOT contain any watermarked copyright information.