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Limited Booklet "Mirabel Place" 24-page phovella by Steve Diet Goedde * Limited to 50 copies

$45.00 / Sold Out

"Mirabel Place" - a new limited edition 24-page phovella.
All photographs by Steve Diet Goedde featuring Miss Miranda.
Only 50 COPIES exist • All are signed/numbered by Steve Diet Goedde & Miss Miranda.

8” x 10” softcover, 24 pages, color and black & white.

This collection of photographs was taken on one single day in June of 2017. Five of the photographs were exhibited in an exhibition at the Garboushian Gallery in Beverly Hills CA. In the exhibition, photographers Dave Naz and Victor Lightworship also showed photographs taken at the same house in Palos Verdes CA. For this particular shoot, I had the assistance of Jennifer Corona who did the hair and makeup on Miss Miranda.

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